autodetect IRTrans USB device after plugin ?

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autodetect IRTrans USB device after plugin ?

Postby Xavier De Donder » Fri 21. Oct 2011, 07:23


we are using the USB IRTrans device successfully in multimedia classrooms. Now we start using it in similar mobile installations. Problem is that on the mobile (laptop) installation users tend to plug in the IRTrans USB device after the laptop has started, while our software is already running. It would be very interesting if the IRTrans server (IRTranstray or Windows service) could start up without a USB device connected, and the server could start controlling the USB device when it is plugged in later on. For the moment both the console app and the Windows service refuse to start when no USB device is detected.
Is there workaround today, other then trying to start the IRTranstray application from within our application code ?

Xavier De Donder
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Xavier De Donder
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Re: autodetect IRTrans USB device after plugin ?

Postby IRTrans » Fri 21. Oct 2011, 12:31

I am sorry but that is not possible. On startup the irserver reads parameters from the IRTrans device that it needs to work. Therefore it cannot start up without an IRTrans device.

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