IRTrans Service LAN IP Bus Assignment

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IRTrans Service LAN IP Bus Assignment

Postby ChewyChop » Tue 13. Mar 2012, 20:47

I am running IRTrans Server as a service. It works really well and I am up and running using 6 Ethernet PoE devices and a MultiStream 16 Device. I have these accross multiple networks so I have configured the irserver.ini to include the IP addresses. I am having some housekeeping issues with the bus assignments.

Are the bus assignments in order based on their entries in the irserver.ini? For instance:

-- Start of contents of irserver.ini --


-- End of contents of irserver.ini --

Does translate into what I have below, or is there a way to configure the Bus ID within the irserver.ini? = Bus: 0 = Bus: 1 = Bus: 2

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Re: IRTrans Service LAN IP Bus Assignment

Postby IRTrans » Tue 13. Mar 2012, 23:32

the Bus ID is always determined by the order of the IP addresses in the irserver.ini or the command line.

That means the first IP will be ID 0, then 2nd ID 1 and so on.

If you want to change the order of the devices simply change the order of the IPs.

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