IRTrans driver not seen as HID device in Windows

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IRTrans driver not seen as HID device in Windows

Postby wawa79 » Sat 9. Nov 2013, 09:24


I have been using happily IRTrans devices for more than 6 years on my automation PC (Homeseer) and in my Htpc (Mediaportal).

I (and many Mediacenter users) have an issue that could be fixed if IRTrans driver was recognized in Windows as an HID device (Human Interaction Device, which actually is the case!)

Here is the problem:
When the HTPC wakes up to record a scheduled TV program (PVR), Windows 7 keeps the PC in away-mode (screen off and sound muted) as no human being has awaken it (nice behaviour).
But If a user tries interacting with the Htpc with the remote (through the IR trans receiver) at this time, Windows will not exit away-mode (and will not resume screen nor sound) because the IRtrans commands do not come from a HID input device. If I connect a keyboard or mouse (chich are HID devices) and press a key or click, then it immediately exit away-mode and resumes.

There are some workarounds to fix this which involve some complicated use of a 3rd party routine and Evenghost... But all would be more simple if the IRtrans units were seen as HID devices!

I hope this convinces you of the change and that you can support us on this (I am not a MS Win7 driver specialist but I suspect the change to be minor and just related to some customization in the .INF file in the setup package).

Thank you in advance!
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Re: IRTrans driver not seen as HID device in Windows

Postby eric » Thu 14. Nov 2013, 16:31


I can understand your request but unfortunately we will not be able to alter the driver. What you are requesting is not a minor change but a huge redesign. This would require to rebuild the driver with completely different behaviour from the ground up. And I haven't even mentioned certifying the result with Microsoft.

I'm afraid we will not do that but I hope you will still enjoy using our products.

best regards
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