Visual C++ 8 install error

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Re: Visual C++ 8 install error

Postby IRTrans » Sat 29. May 2010, 00:08

Hi Scott,
thank you for that info.

Of course we also installed the SW on systems where VC++ is installed, however we do not have all the versions.
Furthermore our information was that different versions of the C++ runtime can coexist - it looks like that is not correct.

BTW: All customers that have bought IRTrans products (and not OEM solutions which we neither sell, nor manufacture nor support) can, of course, contact us via Email in case there are installation problems. We will always find a way to fix that.

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Re: Visual C++ 8 install error

Postby scottlindner » Sat 29. May 2010, 01:12

No problem. When I get all of this figured out I will rebuild the system from scratch so I can get a nice clean imagine. When I do, I'll see if I can figure out when and how two versions of Visual C++ 8 got installed to help you and others debug this.


Re: Visual C++ 8 install error

Postby wupperi » Wed 28. Jul 2010, 07:01

Same problem here on Server 2008R2 German. Every vcredist I tried (2005, 2008, 2010, all SPs) I get the same installer error message.
Maybe IRTRANS can re-visit this problem? I am happy to provide online access if required for you guys.


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Re: Visual C++ 8 install error

Postby adsensus » Fri 21. Jan 2011, 21:58

Hi guys.

I have found a similar problem in upgrading the OS in my HS160 box from Vista to Windows 7. In general Windows 7 is a significant imnpropvement on Vista.

However, I have experiences very similar to those revealed here, and was not really surprised by (a) the problems you have encountered, (b) the responses you have from irtrans, and (c) what seems to be a complete lack of interest by Zalman in the software needed to make the VFD work properly. My own experience suggests that the nice chaps at (from whom I bought my HD 160) struggle to support the Zalman enclosures, and not because they are incompetent...

When I first set up my htpc I found it necessary to use a Microsoft IR receiver and completely enclose the IR reveiver in the VFD to avoid duplicate signals. Although the Microsoft unit was large, for 2 years that has worked well. As part of my current upgrade from Vista I removed the shroud from the VFD IR sensor, and to my surprise it worked!

However having installed Windows 7 I was back where I started! The C++ route is (in my view) a waste of time and when I found this forum I was temporarily disheartened.

However I then remembered that I have added to my htpc a Kworld 355 twin DVB-T tuner. This comes with a nice really small IR receiver/transmitter, a lot less clonky than the Micosoft unit I was using previously.

Yup, you've got it, problem solved, end of dependence on the guys at IRtrans and Zalman.

I don't expect to waste any more time on either IRtrans or Zalman. Indeed for my first media centre extender I'm using a neat little Acer Aspire Revo. They (Acer) even took the trouble to add a VESA attachment plate to the kit.

Some companies don't seem to think that Customer service matters! Well I for one will take my business elsewhere...

good luck to you all.

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