Need help with setting up

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Need help with setting up

Postby scottns » Sat 16. Oct 2010, 14:41

The software seems really confusing. It's not intuitive at all. I can program my Pronto TSU9400 no problem but this stuff is confusing. This is a new system I'm setting up in a D-Vine MCE303 case. Fresh Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit install. I installed the software and the drivers installed, etc. I can see the movie names and play times in Media Browser on the front display so that all works. All the function keys seem to work in Windows except the power function doesn't do anything on the remote. I can't turn my PC on or off with the remote. Any ideas?

Also is there any way to get the full functionality in XBMC ? The navigation/OK keys work but that's all. No play, pause, etc. and the display does not show info like Media Browser. thanks
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