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HTTP problem

PostPosted: Thu 7. Jul 2011, 14:38
by geluykensandy
I have the IRTrans ethernet and the last hour I could sent my command trough HTTP.

Now suddenly it doesn't work anymore. The only thing I have done is added more commands to the database for my television.

Sending commands from the GUIclient works perfectly. The light turns to red when I send a command.

What have caused the problem that the http links won't work anymore ?

Also another question, how can I remove command from the database and how can I download or upload a database file. (2 question actually :-p)


Re: HTTP problem

PostPosted: Thu 7. Jul 2011, 15:42
by IRTrans
no idea what might cause that.

Does it show an error message?

You can only remove a command from the file by editing the .rem file.

Uploading of .rem files is done using the GUI Client - Device Database dialog.