IRTrans Ethernet Poe --> Xantech 791-44

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Re: IRTrans Ethernet Poe --> Xantech 791-44

Postby prosser » Sun 17. Feb 2013, 22:25

Just wanted to post if others come across this; I was able to successfully use a GC-CGX to connect my IRTrans Ethernet to a Speakercraft AT-1.0 connection block (speakercraft is similar to Xantech format/connection blocks). Plugged the GC-CGX (plastic box end) directly into the LED1 emitter on the IRTRans Ethernet, then on the cable out from the GC-CGX I cut the cable and connected it to the wiring of my speakercraft connecting block (from the GC-CGX stereo connector - Sleeve=+12v, Ring=-ground, Tip=IR-Signal). It works great and has been more reliable than my old method of having a IR Receiver from the speakercraft pick up the IR light output from the IRTrans ethernet built in emitters.
Note: I only had to cut the cable on the GC-CGX since speakercraft's IR receiver connector on the connection block is a 4 connector jack instead of the Xantech 3 connector. If you had a Xantech connection block you would be able to directly plug the cable end plug of the GC-CGX into the IR RCVR connector on the Xantech block.
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