Where/What to buy?

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Where/What to buy?

Postby mmminez » Thu 7. Jun 2012, 19:06

I purchased a HTPC case a few years back and it came with a, Samsung I believe, VFD. The VFD also had a built in IR receiver that uses the IRTrans software. On the VFD there was a USB cable header that I plugged into the MB and that is how it communicated with the system.

I am building another HTPC, but I have no need for the whole VFD. What/Where can I buy just the IR receiver that plugs into a USB header that will work with the IRTrans software?

I understand that I may also need a few other connections for it to work. (power switch, power, etc)

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Re: Where/What to buy?

Postby IRTrans » Thu 7. Jun 2012, 20:44

you might buy an IRTrans USB Device with PowerOn Option. That is one of our standard devices.

We do not sell any IRTrans devices that can be built into a case. All those devices had been OEM solutions.

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