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apps.cfg question

Postby ours » Mon 27. Aug 2012, 17:46


This is probabaly a simple problem but I have not been able to figure it out or find any reference on this forum.

I am using Ubuntu 12.4 and XBMC 11 and the latest version of the software/drivers from the IRTrans site with a mediacenter remote.

Here is my problem:

I can control XBMC when starting it manually and removing apps.cfg from the config directory, all remote presses work as expected. I can not start XBMC using the eHome (green) button.

When the apps.cfg file is present I can start XBMC with the eHome button on the remote but control of XMBC with the remote fails to work. For some reason the commands don't seem to get sent to XBMC with the apps.cfg file present.

I am starting the server with the -xbmc option in both cases (from the command line).

Any help would be greatly apprecaited.

Thank you
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