IRTrans GUI client manual anywhere?

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IRTrans GUI client manual anywhere?

Postby Friso » Fri 21. Sep 2012, 10:22

Hello, I've been looking for a manual for IRTrans GUI client. The software as it is delivered seems to have far more options than described in any of the manuals that are available for download. When learning codes for instance, I get a screen that has lots of extra options. Also, when I right-click a command in the IR database view, I see way more things that can be done, inlcuding an 'EZ control' option that (I think) lets me control RF sockets etc.? However, none of it is documented. Either that, or I can't find it. I think the system is very powerful, but many of its capabilities remain unknown/unused. Are you working on a manual?
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Re: IRTrans GUI client manual anywhere?

Postby IRTrans » Fri 21. Sep 2012, 12:52

We will have new manuals at some point, however that will take a while.

The EZ Control options can only be used together with a special EZ Control RF device.

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