X10 with CM11A or CM17A

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X10 with CM11A or CM17A

Postby dem1980 » Tue 3. Jul 2012, 13:03


i would like to know if IRTran can X-10 control via CM11A or CM17A firecracker ? This hardware is able to manage X10 using a computer.
IRTran can, for example, control AV Receiver using RS232 by Ethernet.
IRTrans can control Marmitek IR7243 using IR and IR7243 can control X10 using RF/wires.
But it could be nice to control CM11 or CM17 directly using Ethernet with IRTrans' command.

Thank you
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Re: X10 with CM11A or CM17A

Postby IRTrans » Tue 3. Jul 2012, 19:57

difficult to say if that is possible.

In general the IRTrans can send freely definable UDP packets to any port or IP you need. I don't know if that is enough to control your X10 devices.

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