Intermittent UDP Sending

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Intermittent UDP Sending

Postby fchorley » Thu 10. Apr 2014, 21:26


I have an IRTrans LAN I/O and all was working well, until today!.

I'd like to receive translated commands via UDP, elsewhere. In the IRTrans's web interface 'IP Relay' settings, I set UDP Broadcast Target and UDP Broadcast Port (NOT 21000 or 21001) to those of my UDP listener code, database size set to 64k for IRDB and translation to work in parallel. Flashing is fine, UDP strings are received. After adding some more IR translations today, for some commands the UDP message is never sent. This is confirmed via Wireshark, my code is not relevant, nor are there any firewall issues.

I started again with a blank IR Translation, then added 3 translations - 3 different buttons, 3 different target translations, each set to confirmed-working IR remotes. All fine. After adding a 4th translation, in exactly the same way, now none of the translations results in a UDP message. After starting again and getting to 4 translations, only 1 translation fails to send UDP data. I can't find a repeatable pattern for what stops UDP sending working.

Buttons in the IRDB but for which no translation is set at all, always do arrive as UDP at my server. 'Detected IR Commands' *always* reports the translated commands. Nothing in any of the translations is configured a different way. All remotes used in the translations are selected in the IRDB before flashing.

The LAN/IO hardware version is 1.5 with IR version E6.08.42 and LAN Version L1.11.06. The IRServer software version I'm using to program is 6.10.17 - but this would not normally be running.

Any ideas?

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Re: Intermittent UDP Sending

Postby fchorley » Fri 18. Apr 2014, 09:56

Hello again,

Sorry, I forgot to mention, debug diagnostics show no errors. Also I forgot to post an example translation file. A screenshot is attached that shows the problem, which seems more easily reproducible with groups -

irtrans err.png
irtrans err.png (51.09 KiB) Viewed 26626 times

This 100% reproduces the issue. I copied the .tra file before flashing. If I delete *any* of the other translations, save then reflash, the UDP send for the last one works. If I put the backup .tra back, reload then reflash, the translation for beo4.0 does not work. I can add any output translation in place on 'beo4.1 light', the udp message is never sent unless I delete one of the other translations.

In (since I can only attach 3 files), I attach both the working and failing tra files and the beo4 .rem file (although it doesn't seem relevant).

I'm sure translation and UDP sending are in use elsewhere but this does not help me. The other settings of the Irtrans, the IR remote, or command, all seem to be irrelevant since UDP sending does sometimes work.

Apologies again for missing some details. However, I understand this is the place to obtain support. If it is not, or if some other details are missing, please do reply rather than saying nothing.

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Re: Intermittent UDP Sending

Postby eric » Tue 22. Apr 2014, 08:21

Hi Fred,

thank your for the further details. I have seen your issue but have not yet found the time to investigate myself.
At the moment there are easter holidays here in germany, we are short-staffed and I have not been to the office for a few days also. I'll answer again as soon as I know more.

best regards,

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