learning process problem

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learning process problem

Postby luisvaz » Mon 15. Aug 2011, 15:40

I need help with the learning process.

Within Linux

irclient to learn

When I press the button on the remote control the learning process dont stops and the server seems to enter in loop

irserver version 6.02.23


I am not able to put the system to learn.


I just changed my tv box , and I am trying to adjust the system.

For previous box everything ok
For this new box

Remote control IRC83311-OD

Controls meobox - IPTV in Portugal - Box from Scientific Atlanta (Cisco Systems).


In Germany used on T-Home, under the name X300(1)T.

Luis Vaz
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Re: learning process problem

Postby IRTrans » Mon 15. Aug 2011, 17:22

No idea what the problem is. Maybe you changed the IRTrans device settings and misconfigured the IR Receive settings.

However, you are using very old SW.

With current SW you can also use the GUI Client together with Mono.

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