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Using two ethernet devices on Linux

PostPosted: Fri 24. Sep 2021, 22:05
by tudessan
I'm currently use 2 (old) IrTrans LAN devices :
IRTrans LAN : IR VER: E5.08.19 ETH VER: L1.06.17 SN: 28911
MAC:00-50-c2-52-78-e4 IP Addr:
IRTrans LAN : IR VER: E5.09.01 ETH VER: L1.06.20 SN: 29810
MAC:00-50-c2-52-78-f7 IP Addr:
with the Windows irtranstray.exe program. Everything works fine.

Now, I want to use both lan devices with the LINUX irserver (V6.10.23)
using only one IP address in the command line works fine but I'm unable to use the right command line to pass the 2 IP addresses. Could you provide an example ?
Then how to set one different zone on each device ?

Another question : if I replace the ip address with "lan", it returns the following message :
IRServer Version 6.10.23
Init Events done
Init communication ...
Init communication ...
Init communication ...
No IRTrans Devices found.
Aborting ...

Same result with command line : irserver -deviceinfo

Thank you in advance for your support.

Re: Using two ethernet devices on Linux

PostPosted: Fri 1. Oct 2021, 08:37
by Barf
In case you are not able to solve the problem as posed (and I suspect that you will not), note that the Ethernet IrTrans offers good possibilities to be sent commands without using an irserver. There are actually four APIs, see documentation on the web site.

If you do Java, possibily you will find useful for this.

Re: Using two ethernet devices on Linux

PostPosted: Tue 5. Oct 2021, 04:25
by tudessan
Thanks a lot for your reply Barf.
I will check that.