irserver for Fritz!Box (Freetz)

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irserver for Fritz!Box (Freetz)

Postby kschlitt » Sat 18. Dec 2010, 18:44

I want to build the irserver for the Fritz!Box.
For the build I use the IRTRans source code Version: 12.12.10 / 6.03.08
If I build under my freetz build environment I get a lot of unresolved references.
For the build I use the makefile.dbox.
I modified the makefile to use the correct compiler for the Fritz!Box.

slightly@StinkyLinux:~/freetz/freetz-trunk-20101130/IRTrans$ make -f makefile.dbox
/home/slightly/freetz/freetz-trunk-20101130/toolchain/target/bin/mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc fileio.o linuxserio.o lowlevel.o server.o errormessage.o -o irserver
fileio.o: In function `ReadIRTransDirectory':
fileio.c:(.text+0x16c): undefined reference to `getdirentries'
fileio.o: In function `ASCIIStoreCCF':
fileio.c:(.text+0x2b3c): undefined reference to `DecodeCCF'
fileio.o: In function `DBStoreCCFCode':
fileio.c:(.text+0x14d00): undefined reference to `DecodeCCF'
fileio.c:(.text+0x15234): undefined reference to `DecodeCCF'
fileio.c:(.text+0x15ebc): undefined reference to `DecodeCCF'
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Re: irserver for Fritz!Box (Freetz)

Postby IRTrans » Sun 19. Dec 2010, 11:49

if get getdirentries is not supported you will need to rewrite that part of the code.

Furtermore you will need add noccf.c to your makefile.

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Re: irserver for Fritz!Box (Freetz)

Postby kobza » Wed 31. Aug 2011, 18:54


are there any progress on the irserver running on the fritzbox.
I will connect it via the usb2rs232 cabel to my fritzbox 7270.

Best Regards
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