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event device support

Postby OpenELEC.tv » Thu 20. Jan 2011, 19:25


the most (all) lirc drivers goes to the kernel and most of them are now devinput devices who are creating device nodes like /dev/input/eventX. With tools like eventlircd and inputlircd its now possible to use this remotedrivers without using lirc. is it possible to add optional support for creating /dev/input/eventX instead /dev/lircX to irtrans/irserver so the irtrans devices can be used with eventlircd (which will go to a later lirc release) or inputlirc too?

many thanks

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Re: event device support

Postby IRTrans » Thu 20. Jan 2011, 21:22

there are no plans to add such a feature. I am not even sure if that would be possible because only the LIRC network interface is supported by IRTrans.

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