How to use Groups and Remotes.

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How to use Groups and Remotes.

Postby Frantzm » Thu 20. Oct 2011, 16:55


I have just received my IRTranslator. Very small and performs so far very well. I have a specific problem I nee to solve. I will use just one remote, the Be04 (a Beo6 will be next). I want to control:
My BD/DVD player
My Cable Box

I have been able to record macros. FOr example . If I press CD on the remote, the following actions are performed:
AVR switches ON
TV Switches OFF
AVR switches to CD input
Stereo is selected in Music field
CD player turns and plays CD

I have more macros and they are very handy. I will add light down for DVD, etc.. SO far so good.

The problem I have is with the following. I want "Arrow up" button/command on the Beo to correspond to "channel up" on my Cable Box. In other words I want to send the "Channel UP" command to the Cable Box, only when I am watching Cable. I also need the same "arrow UP" on the Beo 4 to be translated in "Chapter up" when I am watching DVD. I also want the same for the numbers "0", "1".. "9" , etc
I understand this can be done with "Group" and "Remotes" but I don't know how..
I thank you in advance

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