Just trying to understand ...

Using the IRTrans IR Translator

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Just trying to understand ...

Postby matbkk » Tue 30. Mar 2010, 11:37

Dear All,

Sorry I am newbie and nothing is clear.
I have a B&O system and I want to connect the IRTRANS in order to control my Projector and my Screen with my B&O remote. here is my question.
1. How many IR cable can I connect to the IR Trans ?
2. The IR needs to be on the device or as a "standard remote" he can control from 3-4 meters ?
3. if the answer to 2. is no :
a) what is the max length of IR cable as from screen to projector I have at least 5 meters ?

Other question:
What is the difference between ITTRANS and IRTRANS ETHERNET ?
infact on the website is is not clear :which product is made for what application.

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Re: Just trying to understand ...

Postby IRTrans » Tue 30. Mar 2010, 15:41

you can connect one IR Transmitter with up to 6 LEDs to the IRTrans devices.

The max. length of the cables is around 3m. The internal transmitters have a range of up to 15m.
The radiate the signal like a normal remote control.

IRTrans is no device, it is just the brand name. To translate IR codes we would usually recommend the IRTrans Translator.

You can find it in the Shop section of our website.

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