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information regarding devices

Postby edwin2008 » Tue 23. Jun 2009, 03:45

Looking for purchase of IRT-LAN-DB + IRT-TRANS-4K+ POW-SUP wich willl be mouted outside cubbord so it can act as a receiver transiever to equipment inside the cubbord. + IRT-TRANS-4K . Question is what the gain is of ordering IRT-LAN-2X and what is its function. Is it possible to add an extra IRT-TRANS-HPK for sending into the room in case the internal transmitter can't reach the entire room? What is the function of the IRT-LAN-2X?
Looks like an extra jack for ir led but is it for sending or receiving?
Is it possible to use the internal and the external led's at the same time?
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Re: information regarding devices

Postby IRTrans » Tue 23. Jun 2009, 11:04

the 2x option adds a 2nd ir Output (only output, to send IR Codes) to the IRTrans LAN Device. As the case is very small both outputs are routed to the same connector.
We do, however, have an adaptor to have two independent connectors. With this option and the adaptor you could add an HPK and a 4K transmitter.

All transmitters can be used at the same time - the two outputs can even be controller via Software.

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