Lan Controller XXL or Multistream

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Lan Controller XXL or Multistream

Postby TL_Bert » Mon 1. Oct 2012, 07:04


We're deciding between these 2 devices.
We will be controlling different devices, so there is a need to switch the IR codes.
The question is: how long does it take to switch the profiles on both of these devices?

And an extra question for the Multistream:
We already have a USB module. Is it possible to use this instead of the USB learner?

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Re: Lan Controller XXL or Multistream

Postby IRTrans » Mon 1. Oct 2012, 12:52

regarding your questions:

In general there is no need to change any profiles. The devices have got enough memory to upload all needed IR Codes.

You should use the IRTrans Multistream device if you need to send multiple IR Codes in a short period of time. With the XXL that might take some time as each IR Code for each ouptut is sent one after the other. The Multistream device on the other hand allows to send them at the same time.

To learn the IR Codes you can use any IRTrans device with an IR Receiver. Of course you can use an IRTrans USB you already have.
To make sure that you can learn all IR Codes you should make sure that you have an IRTrans device with a learning receiver.

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