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Choosing the right solution

Postby Casp » Mon 27. Jul 2009, 22:57

As I find the differences between the different IRTrans devices somewhat subtle, I would appreciate some help in deciding on the right IRTrans device. My goal is to hide everything away, except for the TV and one remote. And if I need to control my zone 2, I want to be able to use my iPhone over wifi.

My setup in the living room is as follows:
  • Livingroom with:
    • LCD TV
    • Universal Remote
    • iPhone
  • Cabinet with two separate closed of compartments containing:
    • Mac Mini
    • Ethernet/WiFi router
    • AV Receiver
    • Cable Recorder (very in-sensitive IR-receiver that needs direct line-of-sight to be controlled)
    • PS3 (in time with BT2IR)
    • Soon some kind of IRTrans device in one compartment ;-)

My wishes:
  • What I need to be able to do:
    • Use a small external IR receiver, as the cabinet is closed off
    • Use a single IRTrans device to control everything in both cabinet compartments and the TV
    • Use the IRTrans device to relay commands from universal remote inside the cabinet
    • Use the IRTrans device to send commands from my iPhone (iRedTouch) both outside and inside the cabinet
    • Control everything without the Mac Mini necessarily being turned on
  • What I would like to be able to do:
    • Control switching of applications on the Mac Mini (iRed?) from my universal remote
  • And if it is possible:
    • Create multiple small macros that can be received in quick succession, so my universal remote can quickly transmit its commands, and the IRTrans device handles the remaining IR codes
    • Turn on the Mac Mini like EyeTV is able to do (not wake up from sleep - I can do that with my universal remote)

Questions that I would like answered:
  • Which device is the right for me?
  • What will I be able to do with it, and what will I not?
  • Is the internal transmitter in the device powerfull enough to transmit to multiple devices in one compartment, even if it is placed in the back?
  • Is the external transmitter powerfull enough to transmit to multiple devices in the other compartment?
  • Is it correct that I would need an external 2-way LED (to control the TV and the "other" compartment)?
  • Will I need to programme special commands for my TV to avoid commands being transmitted simultaneously from the universal remote and IRTrans external transmitter, or will that not create problems?

Any help will be appreciated :-)

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Re: Choosing the right solution

Postby IRTrans » Tue 28. Jul 2009, 13:59

as this looks to be very specific I would rather suggest to discuss that via Email.

Simply send us an Email to

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