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Basic setup inquiry

Postby khammo01 » Sun 14. Feb 2010, 09:05

Hello - I have a very basic (I think) setup that I am trying to achieve.
I wish to control a digital video recorder(DVR) over the Internet using the physical IR remote control of the DVR.
The DVR will be located in Japan and the viewer will control the device from the United States.

I want to use the actual remote control that came with the DVR. I don't need to control from a computer, iPhone or any other simulated or virtual remote. I just want to be able to point the actual physical remote in the direction of the TV screen in the US and have the infrared signal control the DVR located in Japan.

Which hardware would need to be purchased? Can I just get a couple of the Ethernet IRTrans boxes and tell them to talk to each other? I don't want to install any computer server, software or anything else that would be required to run these boxes.

I would be setting up the DVR at my friend's house in Japan (where the houses are not too big) and want to keep this as simple as possible.

I'll be using another IP technology to transmit the video (Slingbox - works really well for the video but not so convenient to use the virtual remote built in to this product.)

Basically it is my wife who will be using this setup and she hates emerging technologies so the idea is to make this as simple as possible for her!

(I want to make it so all that she needs to do is start up Slingbox and point the remote at the screen.)

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Re: Basic setup inquiry

Postby IRTrans » Sun 14. Feb 2010, 12:21

thank you for your interest in our products.

A pair of IRTrans Ethernet boxes will be fine for that. You should buy one device with IR Database and learning receiver,
for the other side a standard device will be fine. There is no computer needed for this to work.

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