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USB API for receiving codes?

PostPosted: Fri 8. Jan 2016, 23:57
by tgeliot
In posting
the poster said that they were able to receive codes but not send them when talking to the USB directly (not through IRServer).
It wasn't quite clear if the poster was receiving through the USB device or through some other device.
That poster was asking how to send directly through the USB device.
The response was that the USB interface is not documented and may change, so that to send to the USB device, one must use IRTrans software.

I am in the opposite position. I do not need to send codes to a USB device, but rather only receive (learn) codes. Like the other poster, I prefer to minimize the amount of software from other sources (e.g. IRTrans) that I have to depend on, and make work on a variety of platforms.

Is there a defined interface for receiving IR codes via a USB device without depending on IRServer or the like?


Re: USB API for receiving codes?

PostPosted: Mon 11. Jan 2016, 13:49
by eric

as already indicated in the other thread:
Our USB devices are exclusively supported through the IRServer.

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