Problem transmitting learned codes

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Problem transmitting learned codes

Postby phowarth » Sun 8. Jun 2008, 02:10

I had a similar situation with my Scientific Atlanta STB from Rogers Cable.

The remote uses a high freq (58Hz). I could learn the codes without any problems , but I could not get them to pass through the IRTRANS receiver and transmitter.

I ended up creating a translation table for it with a like for like input match to the the output and it worked.

It looks like this example:

--> rogers info
<-- rogers info
--> rogers channel +
<-- rogers channel +

I then loaded the table into the transmit unit and it works!

I have since mapped several different low freq remotes (38hz) to the Rogers codes successfully.

I was lucky to have ordered the Ethernet POE version with built in translation DB support.

Hope that helps,

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Re: Problem transmitting learned codes

Postby basi08 » Thu 12. Mar 2009, 09:40


I am running iRed1 on the mac and having trouble learning the Cube Revo IR remote. Robert has looked at the iRed virtual remote code and says the code is SSSSS..

He suggested that you think the best fix is to try a higher receiver timeout value in the Configuration settings of the IRTrans Ethernet device. How do I make this change, before I try learning the Cube Revo remote again?

At the moment I do not have the windows software to configure the IRTrans Ethernet device. Please point me in the right direction for this software.

Alternately, I would like to log into the device via a browser, if the device uses a DHCP address, how do I know what address the device has, I am using the Mac OS X.

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