Issues using Rhilips RC197 remote

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Issues using Rhilips RC197 remote

Postby jandrews » Thu 29. Oct 2009, 10:20

Hello all...

I recently purchased an Origen S14V HTPC case and went about installing it all....machine runs like a dream, and am very happy with the case (in fact its a shame to tuck it away in a cupboard, but this way the wife is happy).

However, I am having some very odd issues with the that no matter what I do I cannot get it to work.

I am using IRServer version 6.02.30 and firmware DS.08.10 SN 145450....and windows see the IR TransUSB installed fine in Device Manager.....I also have the IR trans icon in the taskbar...and I know that windows itself can sort of see the remote signals as when I run the "Detected Ir Commands each press of the remote sends a load of different numbers to the box on screen.....

This however is as far as I can am I being really stupid or am I just missing something very tricky that no-one has written down anywhere (that I can find anyway).

Why does windows do nothing with these commands. I have tried using the remote in MCE, and also in XBMC (the main reason I want the remote to work) and again nothing. Is there some sort of conduit that I need to send these receieved remote commands on to each seperate peice of software to recognise them......ive tried EventGhost and IR Server and these still make no difference at all.

Basically at this point, I know the remote is sending a signal, and I know that windows can see a signal is being received.....but how do I get windows to translate the signal into some form of command that any windows package can use. I really am getting to the end of my tether on this and have read so much on this any many other forums, and where I am normally very well informed with computers...this one really is starting to get to me now.

So any suggestions or help would be very appreciated.
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Re: Issues using Rhilips RC197 remote

Postby IRTrans » Thu 29. Oct 2009, 11:37

No cross - posting please.

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