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hardware questions

Postby p7willm » Thu 2. Sep 2010, 02:10

Currently I use a Harmony remote but I think that with Indigo, iRed, and iRTrans I can build a better interface.

Using indigo I will build a GUI that will run applescripts that communicate what to do to iRed. I then will have iRed communicate to iRTrans. I just need to find out what iRTrans hardware I need.

My Mac is upstairs and my AV stuff is downstairs and I have ethernet in both places so I think I need the ethernet iRTrans. Do I need the IR Database and do i need the learning receiver?
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Re: hardware questions

Postby IRTrans » Thu 2. Sep 2010, 10:41

the IRTrans Ethernet is surely a good choice.

You should buy the IRTrans LAN Mac. Buying the learning receiver is always a good idea.
Furthermore you will need a power supply. We do have international power supplies with plug adaptors.

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