[LAN] Latest firmware, IR server 6.2.12?

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[LAN] Latest firmware, IR server 6.2.12?

Postby DJF3 » Fri 22. Aug 2014, 10:51


For compatibility reasons I'm unable to upgrade IRServer to versions newer than 6.2.12.

I do want to upgrade my IRTrans LAN hardware to the latest firmware (also for specific reasons)
1.12.06 / 6.09.17
To perform the upgrade I can use a different computer with the latest IRServer software.

Question: will the new firmware work with the 6.2.12 IRServer software?

Thank you!
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Re: [LAN] Latest firmware, IR server 6.2.12?

Postby eric » Mon 25. Aug 2014, 10:36


having never tested this particular scenario I can't tell for sure but I woudn't recommend to do that.

In general the probability of success is higher when a new IRServer version is paired with an old device firmware. How the old IRServer works with the new device firmware - no one knows.
Also I can't just tell you to try because there is no way back to the old device firmware once upgraded.

I'm curious though: What kind of compatibility issue keeps you from using a new IRServer? Maybe we can fix that...

best regards,

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