Way to thwart repeat signals?

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Way to thwart repeat signals?

Postby RadDad » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 15:42


I'm using an IRTrans with iRed to control a Flash application with a Motorola cable box remote. The remote has a tendency to send out double signals. In Girder there is an "anti-repeat" setting which, after receiving a signal, ignores any subsequent signals for a short period of time (i.e., 100-200ms) to mitigate accidental repeat signals.

Does anyone know if there is a way to build such a delay into the hardware or software?

Thank you!
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Re: Way to thwart repeat signals?

Postby IRTrans » Thu 19. Feb 2009, 18:49

you might try to use a longer IR Timeout (default is 90ms), however I am not sure if that helps.
Please note that you need to use the Windows SW to set the timeout.

Otherwise there is no way to configure that. The problem is, that such a setting will slow down the use because if you press a button twice that will not work.

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