Configuring IRtrans from iPodtouch

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Configuring IRtrans from iPodtouch

Postby andy8421 » Wed 6. May 2009, 04:12

I have just purchase iRedtouch from the Apple store and the IRTrans ethernet module. So far so good. Everything worked out of the box, and I have to say I am impressed.

I am in the process of adding external LEDs and I wish to disable the LEDs on the module. Having read the docs, I can do this from a web interface or the application program supplied on disc. This does however need a PC to do it.

Is there anyway to configure the module options (there are quite a few) from the iPod touch? or do I need to configure the module from a PC?
If I do configure from a PC, will the settings remain in place if I use the iPodtouch?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Re: Configuring IRtrans from iPodtouch

Postby IRTrans » Wed 6. May 2009, 10:31

the most important settings (including the internal LEDs) can be configured through the Web interface.

As far as I know (iRedTouch is not our product) it does not allow to configure settings.

All settings made via the Web interface or PC software are permanent.

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