Q re using external IR receiver

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Q re using external IR receiver

Postby heinz » Tue 14. Dec 2010, 01:59


Everything has been working so well, it's time for some messing around :) Besides, I just got a Sony 5600ES that I have to make fit in.

I use a combination of native and iRed/Ethernet IRTrans to control my A/V corner.
I placed the external IR Transmitter(s) on the devices in such a way that the IR receiver is not completely covered so native/original remotes still work. Without that capability/feature I'd be in trouble and wouldn't be able to 'play' :)

I've turned the IR input off in the IRTrans module but am now thinking of using an external IR receiver to get better 'coverage' in native mode as I've added a Logitech and also an IR App on my iPhone, both transmitting line-of-sight IR.

I'm thinking of placing the IR receiver on top of the TV. What I'm wondering is 1) will signals received be echo'd to the external IR transmitters that are connected to the same module? and 2) if so, will it do so fast enough so that if the native IR receiver catches the signal as well will it double up/interfere?

Thought I'd ask in case someone tried similar and can report success or failure before I destroy my house of cards.

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Re: Q re using external IR receiver

Postby IRTrans » Tue 14. Dec 2010, 11:19

regarding your questions:

1. When you activate the "Self Repeat" option IR codes will be relayed to the external transmitters.

2. You surely will have double signals - the IR code is first received and then sent again which takes around 100-300ms depending on the IR codes.

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