This operation is only supported using the irserver

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This operation is only supported using the irserver

Postby IREric » Sat 13. Aug 2011, 08:48

CPU : ARM / platform : NETMF

I use a C# Socket connect to the device on TCP port 21000
I can recieve the commands from the device and everything
works fine, accept for the command sending.
I've got the message:
"This operation is only supported using the irserver"
But my system runs on NETMF its not possible to run the irserver.
Is there an other way, or does irserver sends a extra code
to identify itself ?

byte[] startmsg = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("ASCI");

byte[] msg = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes("Asnd remote, tvon, 0, 3, 255 \n");
server.Send(msg, msg.Length, 0);
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Re: This operation is only supported using the irserver

Postby IRTrans » Sat 13. Aug 2011, 09:58

some tips regardigng your problem:

1. You need an IRTrans LAN IRDB Device and the IR Codes need to be uploaded to your device.
2. Do you actually send the init string ("ASCI")?
3. You are not using the correct syntax. Please have a look at the IRTrans TCP ASCII manual page 3. There need to be letters in front of the numeric parameters. Please try sending without these parameters. The bus parameter is not supported anyways as there will be only one LAN device.

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