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Postby Fischer » Sat 29. Nov 2008, 15:13

i am reading the tech. specs for all your products.
I m trying to find the solution.
Could you help me.

I want to control my heating system.
I need to learn ir code from my remote control.
These codes have to be send to the heating system using a scheduler :
for exmple :
At 6:00 am, power on, Temperature=20
At 7:00 am switch off, ...
The timing and codes are depending of the day in the week : monday, ... sunday.

One solution to do this is to use a irtrans usb connected to a PC. On this pc, i use a software to send the ir codes.

Is there a other solution ?

I saw that some devices contain 4 timers.
What does it mean exactly ?
Is it possible to have several scheduled sending ?
For ex.
4 commands on monday, 4 commands on thusday (at different time from monday), ...
This means 20 or 30 entries in the scheduler !

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Re: best product

Postby IRTrans » Sat 29. Nov 2008, 17:10

in general you could use any IRTrans device for that. Which Interface to use (Ethernet or USB) mainly depends on your environment
and distance between your PC and the IRTrans device.

Regarding the internal timers: The IRTrans Ethernet Devices with IR Database do have Timers with 4 Timer entries in total.
That means you will not be able to have such complex schedules with 20-30 entries. The devices simply do not have enough memory for that.

For complex scheduling you will need to use a PC. LINUX (cron) and Windows (Scheduler Service) both have scheduling tools supporting
complex schedules. The codes can easily be sent using the IRTrans ASCII / batch client.

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