What to buy for B&O

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What to buy for B&O

Postby thusgaard » Wed 18. Mar 2009, 09:41


I have a B&O TV and some non B&O equipment (mediacenter, VHS and other stuff).
I'd love to control it all with my B&O remote.

What partnumbers do I need to buy to control 2 non B&O devices and a PC (Linux) with my BEO4.

Mvh J;-)
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Re: What to buy for B&O

Postby IRTrans » Wed 18. Mar 2009, 10:18

you will need an IRTrans Translator to do that.

To use it without your PC you will need a power supply. If you have a Plasma TV you will need a Plasma shielded IR Receiver. - Thats all.

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