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Help to select a device

Postby tedc » Mon 8. Jun 2009, 09:30

If I want to use your prodocut to control sony bravia TV via PC, which device I can use? And what difference beteween IRtans USB an IRtrans Translator? Which is better for me, If I will add new eqipment, and still use your device to control the other equipent, such as DV plyer, setop box...,etc.
Thanks for your help
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Re: Help to select a device

Postby IRTrans » Mon 8. Jun 2009, 11:06

the Translator will not give you any benefit here. It can translate IR Codes from one system to another.

Which device you choose mainly depends on the interface (USB or Ethernet). If you want to use USB a standard IRTrans USB will be fine. For Ethernet a standard IRTrans Ethernet will do the job.

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