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External LEDs story

Postby algis » Fri 14. Aug 2009, 07:34


I gave bought Irtrans ethernet module and dual external LEDs.
I have some complaint, that in marketing material (I mean web pages of IRtrans) effective range of these LEDs is not specified .
Of course, now I found this info in this forum (hardware section), but I still think this must be announced more loudly.
For example I was surprised that external LEDs works only in 0,5m distance from device, when internal LEDs has no problems with 15m range.
There are also some references to "high power LEDs sold by IRtrans". What is that? What part number should I look for in on line shop?
How much does it costs? What is effective range?

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Re: External LEDs story

Postby IRTrans » Fri 14. Aug 2009, 10:34

Thank you for the information - we will update our webpage to make sure that is mentioned more clearly.

The High Power LEDs are the "IRT-TRANS-HPK" transmitters. They have the same range as the internal IR blasters.
The price is 32 EUR incl. VAT / 26.89 EUR excl. VAT.

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