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Hardware selection

Postby FGS » Sun 6. Dec 2009, 17:40

I need help to figure out which transmitter to use. My situation is the following:

- My media center is based on MacMini, eyeTV and iRed
- All my media and computer HW is located in one place, with the exception of the TVs and one Yamaha system YSP1
- I am planning to use either IR/Ethernet or IR/USB

So, in order to control with IR a few things that are outside that centralized location (i.e. TVs and Yamaha system YSP1), I have wired a 16-gauge cable (it's not too far, 16 should be fine).

My questions are:

1- Can I have the transmitter equipment (e.g. IRT-LANCONTROL) in the centralized place and use the cable that I have already wired to extend the external transmitter (e.g. IRT-TRANS-1K)?

2- Can I use, in order to control all the pieces of equipment that are together in the same centralized place, a unit like IRT-TRA-Mac and plug it to the USB port of the MacMini? Please assume that the radiation coverage is enough. What I really want to know is wether the device IRT-TRA-Mac can control different devices.

3- Regarding the product IRT-POE-MAC, can I program it so it sends IR signals to devices A, B and C on one external transmitter IRT-TRANS-1K and IR signals to devices D and E on the second IRT-TRANS-1K?

Thank you VERY MUCH,
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Re: Hardware selection

Postby IRTrans » Sun 6. Dec 2009, 23:23

thank you for your interest in our products.

1. Keeping everything in a central location is only possible if the cable lengths to the external transmitters is not more than 2-5m
2. The IRTrans Translator can, as every IRTrans device, control multiple equipment
3. If you order the IRTrans PoE Device with multiple outputs (2X option) you can control the transmitter for each individually for every IR Code you send

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