Basic screen shots please.

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Basic screen shots please.

Postby ChopShop » Thu 28. Jan 2010, 02:14

Hi there!

Im a relatively computer literate, disabled person looking to setup an IRed system around my home.
Ive been reading through the website and forum and am sill a little confused as to what i might need and exactly HOW i will be able to control the various components (tv,stereo, air conditioning, etc) from my desktop which is windows 7.

Can someone sugest which components i will need and perhaps provide a screen shot of how the system may look. Is it a GUI or based around macros?

The components are, a PC which is central to the room with my usb hub and wifi router, stereo/dvd player/hd recordder and cable-tv reciever under the TV which is about 3m away, an air conditioning control on the wall about 4m away, a projector on the roof and a few other IR remote controlled components.

In another room i have basicaly the same setup (tv, stereo, aircon, dvd) minus the projector plus a light dimmer that i want to be able to control from a laptop in bed. I still dont mind if its hooked up via ethernet or usb, but since the laptop will be on WiFi, that may help with whatever setup you sugest for me.

Any and all advise is apreciated.
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Re: Basic screen shots please.

Postby IRTrans » Fri 29. Jan 2010, 00:36

please note that iRedTouch is not a product we make. It is developed by a partner.

Here you can find iRedTouch Screenshots:
On this website you can also find more details regarding iRedTouch.

Basically you will need one IRTrans Ethernet device in each room. You migh choose a WiFi or Ethernet version - that makes no difference.

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