Link several IRtrans by ethernet

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Link several IRtrans by ethernet

Postby LucaFor » Tue 26. Oct 2010, 15:43


I have central rack in witch are contained several sources (DVD,SKY etc) I want to control from 3 different rooms.
I want to substitute the RF extender i'm using with Ethernet IR-Trans. I thought I can put an ethernet IRtrans in each room and one in the rack and then (without any external running PC/server) route all the IR commands from the rooms to the rack by means of ethernet. Is this scenario feasible? Witch kind of IR trans should I use?
If it is feasible, how many time it is needed to carry an IRcode from one end to another (latency is high or negligible?)
I have to use just recognized codes or also not standard remote?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Link several IRtrans by ethernet

Postby IRTrans » Tue 26. Oct 2010, 19:50

in general that will be possible using IRTrans Ethernet devices.

You will only need to take care that all devices use the same carrier frequency. Otherwise you will need a different remote control on the receiving side and translate the IR Codes.

The latency is only a few milliseconds.

Please feel free to ask any further questions you might have.

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