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Device & Accessories Selection

Postby moonchilddave » Wed 9. Feb 2011, 15:56

I think I'm leaning towards purchasing an IRTrans unit to work with my home theater setup and Indigo. I'm just a little confused on what I need to get.

There are 2 different ones for the Mac... Is there a preference?

IRT-LAN-MAC IRTrans Ethernet Device with IR Database incl. iRed license for the Mac 175,00 EUR
IRT-LAN-HFMAC IRTrans Ethernet Device with IR Database only for 455kHz Codes (e.g. B&O™) incl. iRed license for the Mac 185,00 EUR

Looking to control my JVC HD-ILA TV, an Onkyo 7.1 Surround system, LG390BD Blu-Ray Player, and 2 different TiVo units (2 different remote codes), and a Sirius receiver. Wii and PS2 would be a bonus. Any idea if it would work with all this?

Also, it says it comes without the power supply. Will a standard universal wall wart type work with it or do you need to order the power supply with the unit? If a universal power supply will work, what are the power requirements of the IRTrans unit?

What is the difference between the external transmitters 1-way, 2, 4 6-way, IR Blaster? I will probably want one as the unit itself will be located a few feet out of reach and hidden.

What does the following offer? When or why would I want it?

COD-RCV Universal learning IR receiver (Range: 1m)
Internal, replaces the standard receiver 9,00 EUR
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Re: Device & Accessories Selection

Postby IRTrans » Sat 12. Feb 2011, 16:59

regarding your questions:

The "normal" IRT-LAN-MAC will be the right choice. The HFMAC version is only need for Bang & Olufsen remotes.

The IRTrans should be able to control all your equipment, however the PS2 (and maybe the Wii) is using an RF (Bluetooth) remote which we do not support.

The power supply should be able to deliver 9-12V DC with at least 500mA and a 5.0/2.0mm plug.

The 1 to 6 way transmitters are small stick on transmitters with a range of only 20cm. Each LED can control one device. That means the 6K Transmitter can control up to 6 devices.
The HPK Transmitter is a high power blaster with a range of up 10-15m.

Here you find a description of the IR receivers incl. the learning receiver: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=193.

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