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Remote file Dreambox

PostPosted: Fri 1. Oct 2010, 19:45
by IRTrans
Complete .rem file for the Dreambox incl. DM8000.


Re: Remote file Dreambox

PostPosted: Sun 2. Jan 2011, 17:32
by betonme
Updated .rem file for the Dreambox DM8000 with Keyboard support for the Multi Quickbutton Plugin.

Additional Keys (Naming is according the Multi Quickbutton Plugin):
Console DMM
Circumflex DMM / F1 Keyboard
F1 DMM / F2 Keyboard
F2 DMM / F3 Keyboard
Web DMM / www / F6 Keyboard
Mail DMM / Mail / F7 Keyboard
M1 DMM / F11 Keyboard
M2 DMM / F10 Keyboard