- USB und RS232 Devices
- Ethernet / LAN Devices
- IRTrans LAN Controller/XL
- Very high IR Sending power
- Can even send IRDA Codes
- Learns almost all IR Codes
- Devices for B&O™ available
- No CPU load for the Host PC
- In up to 256 Rooms / Zones
- Compatible with CCF Codes
- Various plugins available
- Windows, Mac and Linux SW

IRTrans Ethernet Module

IRTrans USB Module

Last Update: 02.01.2023

IR Trans transforms your PC into a programmable remote control: It learns the codes of your remote control, stores them in a database and sends them controlled by your applications.
Furthermore you can control your PC with almost any remote control.

Use the links above to get an overview of the diverse usage scenarios!

The IRTrans system undergoes a constant further development and extension.
Worldwide there are already more than 50,000 devices in use.


Availability of IRTrans Devices

As widely known the availability of electronic parts and components has been very limited for more than 2 years now. Some parts (especially microcontrollers) have lead times of more than 2 years or are not available at all. Available components have seen price increases of 5 or even 10 fold. Therefore we are very happy that we have had stock of all IRTrans devices so far.

For the year 2023 we have already bought or preordered enough components to be able to keep stock of all IRTrans devices.

To be able to keep the ability to deliver all devices we had to redesign some devices to use new plattforms (Microcontrollers). This has been a considerable amount of work and also includes costly recertification (CE and FCC) of the new devices.

Therefore we had to, for the first time ever in 20 years, increase the prices for the IRTrans devices. Despite the difficult conditions we have been able to limit the increase to less than 10% for most of the SKUs.


New IRTrans WiFi

The IRTrans WiFi was replaced by a completely new version. It is now based on the IRTrans Ethernet. It offers lots of new features:

• All features of the IRTrans LAN device
• LAN + WLAN Interface
• 16MB Flash memory for IR Codes und HTML pages (IRDB Version)
• Full TLS support with ECC coprozessor
• Webserver with https support
• Full certificate handling incl. CSRs
• Client side certificates for authorization
• WPA2 Enterprise WLAN support (incl. certificates)