- Up to 256 zones
- 16 busses with 16 devices each
- Unique address for each device
- Extendable as desired
- Up to 50-80m length per bus
- Telephone cable is sufficient
- Arbitrary Topologie (Bus/Star)
- Very Fast with 38,400 Baud

IRTrans Ethernet Module

IRTrans Busmodul

You are looking for a solution to integrate your existing Audio/Video equipment into your home automation system? - IRTrans is the most modern and flexible system for IR control with up to 256 zones. With IRTrans Bus Modules the system can be extended in a flexibel way at any time.

Technical Information

• To each USB or RS232 device up to 15 additional devices can be connected using the serial 2/3 wire bus.
• With up 16 RS232/USB Devices a total of max. 256 devices per PC is possible
• Each device has got an unique address that can be used to receive and send
In addition the IRTrans system can relay IR codes from one room to another - even without a PC
• The serial 2/3 wire bus (3 wire including supply power) can be up to 50-80m long
• Simple telephone wire is suitable for the bus. Of course CAT5/6 can also be used
• Arbitrary topologies for the serial bus are possible: Star, bus or a combination
• The baudrate of the serial bus of up to 38,400 Baud guarantees a fast communication
• Using the serial bus LCD Displays can be connected in every room
• The system can be extended using IRTrans Bus Modules
• Attractive packets with all accessories allow for an easy entry
• The IRTrans software is based on a flexible TCP/IP client server architecture
• The devices can therefore be accessed via any LAN/WAN connection
• Several clients can connect to the server at the same time
• There are different ways available to integrate the system with EIB installations:

    • Gira HomeServer - DaCom HomeAutomation www.dacom-homeautomation.de
       A documentation that shows the integration with the Gira Homeserver can be found here [German].

    • eibPort - bab-tec bab-tec Homepage

    • Eisbär KNX EIB/KNX Visualisierung - Alexander Maier GmbH

    • ComfortClick Manager software enables smart building visualization, control and automation.
       It supports: KNX system, DSC alarm, IRTrans devices, XBMC, SMA Solar Technologies, IP video cameras, etc.


    Casa Live -

Supported Software

For the following applications drivers are supplied by either IRTrans or the software vendor:
homeputer by contronics
V8tech MultiMediaController (MMC)
• Homeseer
• MisterHouse
• Girder
• Meedio / Sceneo
• Different Mac applications via iRed
• myHTPC (using the WinLIRC plugin)
• Mediaportal (using the WinLIRC plugin)
• Microsoft Media Center Edition

Furthermore the following standard interfaces are supported:
• LCDHype
• lcdproc
• xAP
• Active-X
• .NET

This list is constantly growing. You can find detailed infos on the application page.