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IRTrans LAN Controller

• Sends and receives IR Codes
• IR LEDs with extra high power standard
• Ethernet Interface to connect to LANs
• Integrated webserver for device configuration
• Wake On LAN to wake up a PC via IR Code
• Firmwareupdate via Ethernet (LAN & IR Controller)
• Connectors for 4 external IR Transmitters (3,5mm plug)
• 4 Relay contacts
• 2 IR Receiver integrated (Code Learning and standard frequency)
• Connector for the IRTrans 2 wire serial bus
• Integrated 4MB Flash IR database
• Universal IR receiver. Learns and measures 30-65kHz Carrier frequencies. Range: 1m
• Internal bidirectional RS232 port

Please note that the power supply is an accessorie that has to be ordered separatly.

Prices and order numbers

IRT-LANCONTROLIRTrans LAN Controller 386,75 EUR Export price excl. VAT 325,00 EUR


IRT-TRANS-1K External IR Transmitter 1-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 7,02 EUR Export price excl. VAT 5,90 EUR
IRT-TRANS-2K External IR Transmitter 2-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 16,07 EUR Export price excl. VAT 15,00 EUR
IRT-TRANS-4K External IR Transmitter 4-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 29,75 EUR Export price excl. VAT 25,00 EUR
IRT-TRANS-6K External IR Transmitter 6-way with 3,5mm Phone plug 39,03 EUR Export price excl. VAT 32,80 EUR
IRT-TRANS-HPK External High-power IR Blaster; with 3,5mm Phone plug 32,13 EUR Export price excl. VAT 27,00 EUR
POW-SUP Plug-type switching power supply
(100-240V~, Euro-connector)
12,50 EUR Export price excl. VAT 10,50 EUR
POW-SUP-INT International switching power supply
(100-240V~, 4 plug adaptors, EU,US,UK,AUS/NZ)
13,69 EUR Export price excl. VAT 11,50 EUR