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IRTrans Translator XL


Additional functions of the IRTrans Translator XL:

• Plastic Case with massive front panel made of 4mm alloy
• Size: 80x125x32mm

• Translates IR commands - even without a PC
• 128KB Flashmemory for 800-1200 commands
• 3 IR receivers:
   - 455 kHz (B&O™ Codes), plasma shielded
   - 38kHz for standard IR Codes
   - Universal Learning receiver
   - Input for external IR receivers
   - IR receivers software selectable

• 2 IR outputs (independently controllable) with 3,5mm phone connector
• 2 Universal In/Outputs - usable as:
   - Relay output
   - Analog input
   - RS232 output
   - IRTrans Serial Bus

• 2 x 4 Internal High power blasters (4 for standard IR codes, 4 special ones for B&O™ Codes)
• Supports Macros: One command triggers several other commands
• Supports Groups: Single keys control different devices
• PC Software (Windows) with graphical user interface to control the translation
• Completely integrated with the IRTrans software: Each received command can be translated and sent again

Contents of shipment:
- IRTrans Translator XL
- 2m USB Cable
- Power supply (International power supply with adaptors for EU, UK, US, AUS/NZ available)

Prices and order numbers

IRT-TRA-XL IRTrans Translator XL Device 450,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 378,15 EUR
IRT-TRA-XL-Mac IRTrans Translator XL Device
incl. iRed license for the Mac
450,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 378,15 EUR

Remark: Programming the translation is not supported on the Mac.
However, it can be done using VirtualPC.


IRT-TRANS-1K External IR LED 1-way 7,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 5,88 EUR
IRT-TRANS-2K External IR LED 2-way 16,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 13,45 EUR
IRT-TRANS-4K External IR LED 4-way 29,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 24,37 EUR
IRT-TRANS-6K External IR LED 6-way 39,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 32,77 EUR
IRT-TRANS-HPK External High-power IR Blaster 32,00 EUR Export price excl. VAT 26,89 EUR
IRT-RS232-3.5 Active RS232 Cable; with 3,5mm connector 41,65 EUR Export price excl. VAT 35,00 EUR
PowerOn-CBL PowerOn Cable set
(to be connected to an Multi I/O output)
11,90 EUR Export price excl. VAT 10,00 EUR